Postal.Net Login

Your access to e-mail is now encrypted, which is much safer. However, because it's using a self-signed certificate, your browser doesn't know to trust it. Therefore, you'll probably get some dire warning with a bunch of red saying how dangerous it is to visit this site. To make this go away, you need to install a certificate (see below).

Aetherwide CA Certificate

For Windows machines:

DER version

  1. Click on the above and choose to "Open" it.
  2. Verify that the certificate you see is for Aetherwide, LLC.
  3. Choose "Install Certificate...". This will open up the import wizard.
  4. Choose "Next".
  5. The default of automatically selecting the store should be OK. Choose "Next".
  6. Choose "Finish".
  7. You'll get one last warning; verify that the thumbprint starts with "29FE..." and choose "Yes".
  8. Quit your browser and restart it.
Now, when you visit, you should no longer get the annoying security warning.

For Mac folk, just download the below, open it, and import it into your keychain (should be relatively self-explanatory). You'll need to enter your login password at one point to modify your keychain.

PEM version